TrustPort Internet Security

TrustPort Internet Security 2012

A comprehensive security suite for Windows


  • Practical and simple control panel
  • Good virus detection
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Some parts are have too few options


TrustPort Internet Security is a complete security suite that helps protect your PC from all manner of internet threats.

Antivirus programs are not always enough to keep your system safe. You can be better protected with a firewall, data encryption, and safe deletion. TrustPort Internet Security is more complete than an antivirus program, and includes antivirus, firewall, data shredder, encryption, and a digital signatures manager. All modules on TrustPort Internet Security are accessible from one convenient panel looks very similar to the design Apple uses for its Mac program windows.

TrustPort Internet Security is a fairly complex set of applications. Although it can take a while to scan your drives, TrustPort Internet Security's the antivirus is quite efficient. There are a variety of different configuration options offered through TrustPort Internet Security. Unfortunately, there is very little explanation of what does what, so it might be relatively unhelpful to the novice user. TrustPort Internet Security's data shredder, on the other hand, is really easy to use, but lacks some options. For example, you can't simply choose to shred certain files or folders. Instead you must choose from a predetermined list.

Overall, TrustPort Internet Security has a mixed plate of pluses and minuses. While effective, it is quite a resource-heavy application, and will likely slow your system when active. That said, having all these security features in one place is really useful. TrustPort Internet Security's interface is very attractive and user friendly.

TrustPort Internet Security is full of security software that will reassure the security-conscious PC owner.

TrustPort Internet Security


TrustPort Internet Security 2012

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